Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The ones who walk away from omelas responces

          In the story the author describes a "perfect" town where they can have the festival of summer, everything was beautiful, no problems and kids could run around butt naked and nothing would happen to them. But then he goes and says there is a kid who lives in a basement who has never seen the outside world. They call it an it so people are okay with what they must do to the kid to continue to live the way they do. It sits in its poo and what not and has rashes and is sick because of it. And every once in awhile a group of people(different group every time) are not allowed to interact with it; and are told that it must be down there and ain't allowed talk to him other wise everyone's happiness will go. The child represents the people that hurt for other peoples "happiness," for example the Jews in Nazi Germany they were killed because the Germans were told they could only be happy and successful when all the Jews were gone. The ones that walk away are the ones that are not okay with this kid being abused so they could be happy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Synthetic Happiness

Dan Gilbert in the TED talk, “The Surprising Science of Happiness” that Synthetic happiness is better than real happiness. Gilbert begins by explaining what synthetic happiness is;  synthetic happiness is when we expect one thing but then we don’t get it so we tell ourselves we didn't want that anyway so we stay happy. He describes this as a tendency to overestimate ourselves in other words an impact bias. Meaning that we always expect to do better than what may actually happen He uses the example of a romantic relationship, where a couple was going good and they break up. So when they break up they tell themselves that, that wasn’t the person they wanted to be with anyway. He then goes on to suggest we have a psychological immune system which is once again our ability to make something positive out of something negative. Take your real immune system when a virus gets your body gets rid of it right. So think of your body as your brain and the virus as something you wanted but couldn’t get. So your body will send things to get rid of the virus and the things to get rid of the virus would be synthetic happiness. Finally he proposes that there is nothing good or bad because only thinking makes it one or the other. So this means that everyone has their  psychological immune system and based on how well e use it depends on whether something is good or bad. The speaker's purpose of this was to tell us that inform us about our synthetic happiness and how we use it and where it comes from.

I find that his findings can be true because I often find myself using synthetic happiness when something doesn’t go the way I thought it would. But after reading this I do wonder why we do this to ourselves. Like how come we always build our expectations so high just them to not be reached. And then when we don’t meet them we tell ourselves that it’s ok and we just stay happy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


 What is this thing called happiness and how do we describe it? Cause lets be honest everyone has a different idea on what it is. For instance some Ben Sweetland said," Happiness is a journey...not a destination" or Lucius Seneca said "True happiness enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future. So with with just those things being said we can already tell that happiness is this feeling but everyone has a different way of describing it. Now you may be asking how come no one has the same answer to what exactly it is.  The reason for that is because everyone is different so it only makes sense that different things make different people happy.  I can also tell you that there are not many people can tell you what happiness is because they are all focusing on what's happening right then and there so they really don't know they were happy until the reflect or look back at it later in life. For Example say you're at Disneyland and you go the tower of terror for the first time. When you are on you are not happy you are thinking about what's going to happen when the ride starts and you are freaking out during but only after can you actually say hey, that was funny and made me happy and that's what makes you want to ride it again.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Your Best Self

How do you get to be your better self and what does it take to get there? Well first off there's this thing called self control. Self control is this i
n order for a person to transform into the best version of himself they must have self discipline. We all are born with it but some are just better at it than others. But even with that said we can all build and grow our self discipline. So as Carl Prickhardt,Ph.D states in the article “Self-Discipline and Adolescence”,Self-discipline is the will power to make yourself do what you may not feel like doing, or to keep yourself from giving into what you will later regret,”(P4).In this statement he says that it keeps us from doing things we’ll regret; So when he says this he means bad things we’ll regret so if we’re not doing bad things then you’re a better person. Think of it as a block in your head that makes you stop and think about what you are going to do instead of just going off of impulse. Because usually when we go off impulse bad things happen. I believe John MacArthur would agree when he claims that, “Discipline teaches us to operate by principle rather than desire.”In other words it teaches us to live by our principals rather impulse or reacting based on what our amygdala tells us. Which goes back to what I said earlier and how self discipline shushes the amygdala by stopping us from doing things we’ll regret. So with self-discipline alone you are all ready a better person, but if you add good principles you are an even better one.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Double Standard

Everyone says that because I am white I can't be a victim of racism I can only be a bigot or someone who is racist. But that statement alone is racism because it is telling me that because us my skin color I can’t do something. And correct me if I’m wrong but the definition of racism is  “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different based on the belief that one's own race is superior.” Now with that said this is said with prejudice because they don’t know what has been done to us. For example I am of Irish descent. Do you know what they did to us they used them before they used the Africans for one the Irish were cheaper and two if an Irish slave was killed it was cheaper to dispose of him. Also they made them “breed” with the African males as if they were animals to make more money and have people with a different complexion. But that enough about then let's talk about what’s happening now. Everyday I go to school and people say that because of my skin color I can’t pronounce things properly in other languages. But I can already tell you this is not true because in some cases my Spanish is better than some of the other kids who have grown in Spanish speaking houses and I’ve grown up with some of the whitest people around. Or when people say I can’t play basketball,drink kool-aid, eat fried chicken,eat watermelon all because I’m not black I’m white. So next time you go and say some dumb shiitake like that remember your creating a double standard which is really unfair.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Crying;Weakness or Strength

 How many times have you been told it is not okay to cry;I know, I used to be told this all the time. And for the longest time I thought I was weaker then everybody because I would cry. However now that I am older and now I believe that it okay to cry and sometimes crying shows strength.You may be asking how does it show strength, if you cry you're a sissy. But it does because it shows people that you're not afraid to be vulnerable which is real strength because holding in how you feel all the time makes you weak because you're bending to other people opinions. So just a recap, If you hold in your tears all the time it makes you weaker then some one who lets them out when they are actually feeling down. Now there is also the other side to that scale which is crying to much because honestly there can't be any reason that you would cry every time somethings happens unless you diagnosed with like bipolar disease or depression and not the self diagnosed type either the real one. Side note self diagnosing yourself makes you look weak. But back to what I was saying it's good to be keep track of your emotions but being one all the time or never showing one makes you weak. Because if you're crying all the time that means you can't take anything and if you don't cry at all that means you're to afraid to let people know you're hurting because you don't them to think differently of you making you weak. Now the question in your head may be if that's case then what can I cry about; Well it's simple you can cry about family members dying because you love them of course you can cry, if you don't there might be something wrong,  or like if your pet dies but if you go on crying for ever that's not okay. So all this to say that crying, to a certain point, can be a sign of strength or it can be a sign of great weakness.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Considering Conformity

          In everyday life we see, hear and do things. Now you might be wondering what this has to do with conformity and that be the fact that based on what we see and hear that is how we react or what we do. Like take a baby for example, if you smile at a baby the baby doesn't know why but it smiles back. That's one form of conformity. Another would be you see this group of kids you don't them but you think what they're doing is cool, even if it's really not, so you start to do the things they do just to be like them. So even with those 2 examples you see just a couple ways we conform. But we also conform if we want to hang out with different groups but one group acts one way and the other acts a different way. So when you are with the first group you act cool and love sports and all that but then you go to another group and you act nerdy and love chess and what not. So all this to say we conform in everyday life, even adults, it doesn't hurt who we are it only helps us find who we are.